About Us

Sweden Car Transport AB is not the largest fleet operator in Sweden.
We are a small but serious trucking company who wants to make all our customers happy with the services we can offer at reasonable prices. Currently we have 6 own units and 12 units from our partners.
Also we have 2 tow trucks that are working local.
If you need help with registration of your import vehicle our full service workshop gladly will assist.
We also carry out freight forwarding within Sweden Car Transport AB.
Which makes us through our collaboration partners currently one of the haulage companies that have the most units in the automotive transport from and to Sweden.
We also have 1,000 square meters of indoor secure parking at our terminal in Svalöv Sweden.

We want to satisfy our customers and deliver what they expected of us when it comes to transportation.

In the current situation, we have vehicles that operates everything from Umeå and the coastal strip in the north to Italy and spain in the south.
All possible car transport to and from Europe can be discussed.
Please contact us through our contact page.