Environmental profile

Man is totally dependent on the nature and responsibility for the environment is everyone’s business. Sweden Car Transport AB is to promote long-term and positive environmental development through our business work to minimize environmental damage. As carriers, we can help to make sound environmental decisions by integrating environmental issues into everyday business – it means we have to provide all employees with knowledge of the environmental issues relating to our products and services and encourage active participation in terms of measures to improve our environment. The characteristics of our environmental work is that we must limit our environmental footprint as far as practicable and economically feasible. This means that for example, we take into account environmental considerations in all purchasing and procurement and prioritizes work with certified suppliers and subcontractors. Environmental work will focus on continual environmental improvement, minimization of material consumption and pollution prevention. The management of the company are responsible for the inventory of its energy, environmental requirements for the procurement of services and products, and personnel training in environmental issues. We strive to continuously develop, evaluate and improve our business system and policy.

Road Safety Policy

Sweden Car Transport AB wants with its road safety work should always be a role model, meaning that employees and management within the company shall contribute to traffic safety locally and nationally can be achieved. Fuel capacity, speed, roll-out and idling measured continuously. The road safety policy that Sweden Car Transport AB follows is:

Always wear a safety belt
Respect driving and rest rules
Respect and abide by speed limits
Respect the weight length and width regulations
Secure the goods in a responsible manner
Keep distance from the vehicle ahead
Take into account road conditions and traffic in transport planning and execution
Be spirits and drug-free
Keep vehicles in a roadworthy condition
Strive not to take assignments that means that there is a risk that we must violate this policy and its implications
Ensure that all employees are informed and motivated to adhere to this policy